RF Design Solutions

Segnet designs and develops RF passive and active devices for use in broadband cable networks. Whether this is for headend, network or home distribution Segnet can offer technical solutions and products to cater for all applications.

  • FPM Forward Path Matrices (FPM-S and XiQAM)
  • RPM-S Return Path Matrices (RPM-S and XiQAM)
  • DOCSIS IF Upconverters/Downconverters – US to European.
  • NiQAM Series Headend Driver Amplifiers
  • Return Path Amplifiers
  • Network Distribution Amplifiers
  • Optical Nodes
  • Professional Passive RF Splitters/Combiners/Couplers
  • Multi-way Clusters
  • XiQAM Electronic Cross-Connect System – Patent Application GB2472858
  • BiQAM Platform and Modules
  • HPNA Master and Endpoint units

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