Design Solutions

Segnet designs and delivers quality product solutions to the broadband cable industry. Our expertise in optical and RF technology allows us to integrate our solutions and products seamlessly into existing networks or, in the design and build of new networks.  We can assist with the production of “Requirement Specifications” for bespoke equipment, which may not be avalable elsewhere.

As the boundaries and requirements of modern day cable systems pushes fibre deeper and deeper into the network, Segnet has positioned itself as a key developer by designing network transmission equipments to meet the ever increasing challenges faced by cable operators. Such a role has seen Segnet equipment used for the first fibre-to-the-kerb all digital system of its kind in the UK.

With many years experience of televison (both analogue and digital), video on demand (VOD) and broadband, Segnet understand fuly the problems faced by network operators and system integrators. Segnet also has a presence at Brussells on the production of standards for cable networks, as such, it has direct knowledge of the latest international specifications.

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