Designed and manufactured to the highest standards

Segnet products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. They are based on extensive experience built up over many years both as an equipment supplier and on operator knowledge.  Segnet equipment is used by many large cable television and broadband operators.

The Segnet range covers RF products (passive and active), optical products (passive and active), together with products for physically managing the access network. In addition there are a number of quality network accessories such as taps, splitters, inline attenuators etc. High performance RF switches and HPNA/HPAV2 equipment are also part of the Segnet range.

Bespoke products, for specific customer requirements, can also be designed and manufactured when suitable products are not available. Assistance with generating a “Requirement Document” can be provided where needed. Particular attention to the operational space, power and environmental issues are addressed during the design and manufacturing.

The following sections provide a general overview of the products available.

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