About Segnet

Founded in 1988 Segnet has become a leading company specialising in the design and development of cable broadband communication equipment, for use in modern cable networks.

Our success is in being able to understand our customer requirements, from initial concept to actual product supply. It is borne out by the extensive large-scale ubiquitous deployment of Segnet products we see in use today. This approach to business and the reputation we have attained has resulted in Segnet winning numerous awards since its formation in 1988; culminating with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2001 for our RPM-S system, registered patent number GB2337185.

Segnet throughout has played a significant role in the way the cable broadband landscape has changed and evolved with the development and advancement of hybrid fibre coax systems. Such advances have seen new services evolve from analogue only television to include QAM modulation technology delivering Digital Television, High Speed Internet and Video on Demand. Helping to deliver these services are Segnet products deployed in headends, hubs and nodes.

These technological advances and network solution demands, present the challenges our highly skilled and dedicated workforce thrives upon. Our strength in both RF and Optical technology brings a wealth of experience that enables us to address the most demanding of challenges. Attention to detail throughout our product development cycle signifies the reliability and quality we build into our products. The knowledge and know-how available to our clients, offers a cerebral and professional approach to partnership programmes that is the cornerstone of our work ethic.

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